Tuesday, September 8, 2015

The End of Week 10 (A New House Update)

Cannot believe that we are the end of week 10!

The house is about 99% complete. Really the only things left to do are cleaning and fixing! It appears that if NVR had been on the ball and gotten their part of this process completed on time that we would have had no problem closing in September. Maybe even as early as next week! Oh well, I am just going to trust God and know that His timing is perfect and He is in control.

Our PM left the outside lights on for us so that we could take some night pictures of the house. I think the pictures would have been better if there had been some inside lights left on too (so I will get some of those after we close). But the house looks amazing and I LOVE IT!

Street Light
 I guess because we have never been down to the house at night I never noticed that we have a street light in-between our house and our neighbor's house. I LOVE IT!

 Our PM left the garage lights and the front porch light on for us and I think the house looks beautiful!

 I am simply in awe that this house is ours! God is so good! We are blessed far more than we deserve!

The back of the house
 The back porch light was left on for us too! BEST PM EVER!

 I did not even notice (until I downloaded this picture) that they had put our address above the garage! I love the little details that they put into our houses. Makes them more homey.

So beautiful
I pray that we never take this amazing blessing from God for granted. My prayer is that we will always remember the JOY, LOVE, and AMAZEMENT we feel today every single day that we wake up in our beautiful home. That the scriptures we wrote on the frames of our rooms are lived out in this home every single day and that God is not merely a word we say or a being we discuss but a LIVING, BREATHING, part of our lives.

Today they are supposed to come and clean the house (a good cleaning) and then I am supposed to be able to take pictures (will probably be the last time I can get into the house until our pre-settlement walk-through). Then our PM starts his job of finding and fixing all the things that are not right! I know he will do an amazing job and I have complete faith in him.

24 days till closing (if NVR comes through for us)

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