Thursday, July 16, 2015

Best Day So Far (House Update)

Tuesday was by far the BEST DAY EVER (as far as building the house goes)! When I walked down to the land at 8:00 in the morning the guys were already hard at work blocking the outside walls. When I walked back down at 6:00 in the evening they had finished blocking the entire house! And it looks FANTASTIC!

8:00 in the morning
 The work crews are allowed to start work on weekdays at 7:00 in the morning. Looks like my crew was standing ready and waiting for that 7:00 start time. Because by the time I walked down to the land at 8 they were almost finished with one whole side of the house.

All that block
This is what the entire slab looked like on Monday night. Just stacks and stacks of block piled from one end of the slab to the other.

Around Noon
 I (of course) walked back down at lunch time to see the progress. They were almost done with the front of house.

Finished Master Bedroom Side
 They had finished the master bedroom side of the house (the right side) and the front of the garage.

At around 3 in the afternoon
 I just could not seem to stay away today (wonder why) and went back down at 3. I am sure by now these guys thought I was some crazy stalker lady and were hurrying to finish the job just encase I decided to take one of them hostage. And if my crazy stalker ways gets my house built faster, I'm OKAY with that!

By 3:00 they had finished the kid's side of the house (left side) and were finishing up the front of the house.

Front of the House
 There are 3 large windows in the front plus the door so I imagine that this is quite time consuming

All done
 At 6:00 in the evening I couldn't take it anymore and had to go down and see if they were finished. They were! And the house looks amazing!

Right corner of the house
 I am standing at the right corner of the house where the garage is looking into the house. In the far corner is Delaney's bathroom (back left side of the house). The windows that you see are the kid's bedroom windows.

Front Door (someday)
 Standing on the front porch facing what will one day be our front door! That HUGE window in the back is one of the WOW factors in the house! I love that window!

Back wall of the house
That back wall (with the slider and the huge window) is another reason that I love my house! Sunlight is my favorite light and this back wall is going to allow a ton of sunlight into the house.

Master Bathroom
The large window will be above the tub and the smaller window is actually in the water closet.

Master bedroom
Those two windows at the back of the house are the back wall of the master bedroom.

Delaney's bathroom
Here is Delaney's bathroom, no windows but I am actually glad of that!

The front of the house
The large window on the right is where the theater room will be and the two windows on the left are where my office is going to be.

The back of the house
The two windows on the left are the master bedroom windows. The Slider is in the middle and is where the breakfast nook is going to be and the large window on the right is the family room. Delaney's bathroom is the wall with no windows.

I stood in the middle of the house tonight and cried. I cannot believe that Micah and I are going to own a home. Our dream home! God has blessed us beyond what we could have ever hoped or imagined and I'm blown away at his goodness and grace!

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