Friday, July 24, 2015

Trades Have Arrived (A House Update)

Micah was off work (from the Post Office) yesterday and so we took the kids to Disney World for a few hours. The weather was SO HOT! But the kids had a great time so it was worth it. I did learn that I really need to do a better job of taking pictures in our everyday life. I did take my camera but I didn't get one picture of our day (BAD MOM)!

In the morning
 Before we left for Disney, we of course went down to the house to take some pictures. The guys were back and were working on framing. They also opened one of our goodie boxes (it was our soaker/garden tub).

Roofing materials
 We were so excited when we got home from Disney to see lots of NEW things had happened at the house. First, some of the roofing materials arrived. I am wondering if they will start working on the roof today!? That would be so awesome!

The electric was started!
 There was also an electrician at the house when we got back. He installed the outer meter on the house and the fuse box in the garage (forgot to get a picture of that). No wires, and noting is hooked up but it's a start and one we did not expect to see until next week. I am hoping that he will be back today to work some more!

Master bathroom tub
 The guys opened up one of the boxes that came the other day and it was our soaker/garden tub for the master bathroom.

HVAC closet
 The framing guys were hard at work yesterday too. They framed out and built the HVAC closet that is next to Tyler's bedroom.

Dining Room
 Here is the decorative wall around the dining room. When the house is finished their will be 3 white pillars in this opening. One of the (many) things I love about my house are those pillars. I have always (for as long as I can remember) wanted a house with pillars. I guess it could be part of my "Gone With The Wind" obsession but pillars in a house make me happy and I've never had them before so I'm really excited.

Our front door
 Hiding in the garage is our front door! Yep, it has windows on one side. I am going to have a love-hate relationship with those windows, I already know. See, right now we don't have windows or a peep-hole or anything at our front door. So when someone rings the doorbell the kids and I are like little ninjas trying to figure out who is at the door (hoping it's Ed McMahon but knowing it probably a Jehovah Witness) without being seen by the person at the door. Well, that window is going to allow us to see just fine who is standing at the door (oh please let it be Ed McMahon) but well since I'm not invisible that window will let them see me too.

The back of the house
 I realized that due to the extreme amount of rain and the extreme amount of mud that said rain made at the house I had neglected to get any pictures of the back of house so here it is. The back side of the house (and my husband). Hi Honey! Thanks for my house! I love it! And you too, of course.

Master bedroom niche
 The framing guys also built my niche that is right outside the master bedroom. I love my niche! I have two of these in the house we currently rent and while I have no idea how to decorate them I love them. And I'm looking forward to finding a way to make this one AMAZING!

View from the back to the front
 I took this picture standing in the family room (yes, we have had a lot of rain) so that you could see some more of the layout of the house. First, over on your left is my kitchen peninsula (that I love), straight ahead is my big arch (that I love), and if you look closely right behind that you will see the decorative wall around the dining room (that I love), and then the small arch (that I love) in the foyer, and finally the front door (that I love). I also took this picture so you all could see the rest of the framing that the guys did today. They worked on bolting down and securing all the beams and tresses to the framing in the rooms. Looks amazing!

From the front door
I took this picture standing on the front porch. You can see the foyer and my small arch. The rest of the picture is kind of dark so I will try and get a better one today or tomorrow. But I love that you can see all the way to the back of the house from the front door!

We are hoping that the plumbing guys will come today and that the electrician will be back too. I'm not sure that the framing guys are done but we are really hoping to see some trades in the house this weekend. I don't think our pre-drywall meeting is going to happen in July but I am praying now for the first week of August. It seems to take about 6 weeks from pre-drywall to close so the quicker that happens the quicker we are going to be able to move in.

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