Saturday, July 4, 2015

Update on Our Port Jubliee (End of Week One)

We are at the end of the first week of construction. Technically, we should have work going on today but our PM is off  (due to the Fourth of July holiday) so we opted to wait until Monday for our plumbing to be started. I would rather wait now than to have it sit all weekend without being inspected and maybe have to have some of it redone Monday anyway. Them not working today should not effect the completion date of the house.

Thursday they dug the trenches for the plumbing and reinforced the walls around the trenches. They also framed in our porches. Our model does not come with a big porch on the front of the house and we could not afford to upgrade the back patio (we are hoping to do that maybe next summer).

Here are some pictures of the work completed Thursday.

Plumbing Trench
This picture of the plumbing trench was taken from the right front corner of the house. This is where the two car garage will be once the house is completed.

Back porch
This is our back porch (again it's very small and we hope to get a bigger one next year sometime). It is right outside of our sliding glass door which is off the breakfast area (AKA the eat in part of the kitchen). To the left is the master bedroom.

View from the front porch
This is the view from the front porch looking into the house.

We have a Port-A-Potty
Sometimes it is the small things that bring us joy in life and I discovered yesterday, sometimes it is the gross things that bring a smile to our face! When I saw the port-a-potty down at the land I smiled! Because I realized that the construction workers would not have to leave the job sight now to use the restroom!

So after one week of construction we have gone from this

to this

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