Saturday, July 25, 2015

Plumbers and Electricians (New House Update)

I was so excited when I walked down to the house yesterday morning and saw not only that the electrician was back but also that the plumbers were there working too. Now that most of the work is happening on the inside I have to wait until the end of the day to get pictures.

Last night, Andrew decided to walk down to the house with me (he wanted it to just be him and me) and since this was his first time being in the house we spent about 30 minutes just looking around. I didn't take many pictures because I was more focused on showing him things and discussing things with him. 

Wires Wires Wires
 As you can see the electrician was very busy yesterday! He ran wire and put in switch boxes and outlet boxes all over the house. They are empty but they are there! He did a lot of wiring in the ceiling for lights and fans.

Can lights in the kitchen
I have 6 lights in the kitchen along with the huge window in the family room and the glass slider in the breakfast room. I think that will make for a very bright kitchen, which I love! 

Master bathroom shower
 The plumbers were also hard at work yesterday. They installed the drain for the master bathroom shower.

Laundry room
 And they worked on the laundry room. You can also see that the electrician was working in the laundry room too! The room behind the laundry room is the master bedroom closet.

As today is Saturday I do not know if they will be working on the house or not. I am hoping that they will (according to our neighborhood rules they are allowed to work on Saturdays) as I am still holding out hope that we can have our pre-drywall meeting the first week of August.

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