Monday, July 13, 2015

The End of Week 2!

Things are moving right along and we are getting more and more excited! In just two weeks they have cleared and leveled the land, laid the plumbing, and now they have poured our foundation.

The Land on 6/27/15
Just two short weeks ago we had grass, weeds, and a sold sign.

The Land on 7/12/15
Now we have plumbing and a concrete foundation!

The System
Watching them pour the concrete was so cool! They had a concrete truck backed up to another truck with some sort of apparatus on it that would shoot the concrete up into a pipe and then back down into a hose that they would move around as the concrete gushed out. I am sure there are all kinds of names and correct terminology for the things that they were doing but I have no idea what they are! 

Amazing to Watch
This was so amazing to watch. I would have stayed and watched longer but I think I made the guys nervous! While they did wave and smile for the camera, I also think that they felt a little bit scared of the crazy lady with the big grin on her face.

And we have concrete!
As I have said before and will probably say at least a dozen more times, I LOVE living just down the street from our new home. I am able to walk down to the land a few times a day and so I am getting to see a lot of the things that most new home owners don't get to see. Like the picture above. This is the first of the concrete being poured. They started in what will be the master bathroom.

The crew working on the floor of the garage
While one worker guided the hose that the concrete came out of, two other workers shoveled dirt into the mixture (at least that is what it looked they like were doing).

Just a few hours later
I left the guys alone for a few hours to work in peace but I did watch from my window back home as cement truck after cement truck went down the road. When I walked back down to the land just a few hours later I was greeted by a beautiful slab of concrete. They were using some form of a machine to cut/smooth the edges around the garage lip.

Garage finished

Here is the finished product! BEAUTIFUL! I have never really been excited by a garage before but then I have never OWNED a garage before!

Front porch
Facing the front porch, on the left is where my office will be and on the right is where the theater room will be.

So excited!
I was really surprised by how thick the slab was on the house. This picture was taken at the left front of the house, where the theater room will one day be.

The master bathroom

I love our master bathroom! You can more clearly see the walk-in-shower now!

Back porch

We were actually pleasantly surprised by the size of our back porch. We had expected it to be much smaller (since we did not get the upgraded Lani) but it is actually a decent size. I still don't think our grill will fit on it but we have decided to get some stone pavers and make a little patio ourselves until we can upgrade to a Lani and a pool.

Delaney's bathroom
Now you can see Delaney's shower (her bathroom does not have a tub). I was a little concerned about that but realized it was more important for her to have her own bathroom than for her to have a tub.

The boys bathroom
A picture of where the boys bathroom will be. The boys have a shower/tub combo so they do not have a cut out for the shower.

We ended the work week on Saturday and I am hoping to have a quick meeting with our PM today to find out the schedule for this week and also to ask a few questions. The plan from the last time we talked was that cinder block walls would be put up today (Monday) and then they would start the framing of the walls and the roof. I sure hope that is still the plan and that we are on schedule to have our pre-drywall meeting at the end of this month.

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