Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The Start of Week 5 (House Update)

We are in for a very busy week at the house and also an exciting week (we hope). I talked to our PM yesterday and he said that he is really pushing the guys (trades) to finish up this week so that we can have our Pre-Drywall meeting Friday! The only thing that might hold us up - WINDOWS! They were supposed to come and install them last Friday but due to weather they could not. So they are supposed to come today (been praying all morning for good weather). If they are able to come today and get them done in one day, our PM is pretty confident that we will be a GO for Friday!

The HVAC guys were hard at work on Monday, they did not finish but they certainly got a lot done!

Our very own HVAC creature
This giant "creature" that is above where our air handler will be is quite something to behold. I am simply amazed at the way things look behind the walls and ceilings of our home. I guess I never really thought about it before but now that we are watching our house be built from scratch I am simply in awe!

Master bathroom tub frame
The plumbers were hard at work on Monday too. They built the frame for our master bathroom tub and did some more plumbing work throughout the house.

The electrician was hard at work again too. But I forgot to get pictures (I will get some tonight).

Things are moving along (of course not nearly as fast as I would like) but I so appreciate how hard these guys are working. The hours are long and the temperatures are hot. But they are doing an incredible job and we are beyond thrilled.

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