Saturday, July 18, 2015

We Have Wood (A House Update)

The wood for the walls and the roof where delivered to the land on Thursday. So that framing could being on Friday

Tresses for the roof
The tresses come already assembled and ready to be lifted to the top of the house by a crane! I am hoping that I will actually be able to get pictures of this.

That's a lot of tresses
Big House = Big Roof

Second wood delivery
The second wood delivery came and brought those two pallets of wood next to the tresses.

More wood
The second delivery of wood also brought this wood that was placed in the backyard.

The straps that will help hold the tresses
We also had an inspection on Wednesday (and we passed) so the guys were able to come Thursday and cement the top of the block and add the straps that will help hold the tresses in place.

Adding the cement and straps
I could not stay and watch them do this as I have a fear of heights (which clearly they do not) and watching them walk around at the top of the block was causing me to freak out!

The straps
Here are the straps that they will use to help hold the tresses in place.

A close-up of the straps
And here is a close-up of the straps that have been cemented into the block. 

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