Tuesday, July 7, 2015

We Have Plumbing (Well Sort Of)

One of the best things about building our house has been the fact that we currently live on the same street that our new house is being built on. I can step out my front door and walk about half a block down the road to see what is going on at the land! Anytime I want! And after just one week of construction I'm pretty sure that by the time the house is built I will have worn a path down the road.

Monday was a huge day. They began installing the plumbing that will be under the slab. This was huge, to me, because this is the first thing they have done that is actually a part of the house! It is our plumbing! We can see where sinks and showers are going to be (in just a few weeks) and it is really starting to become real. They are building OUR PORT JUBILEE!

Installing plumbing in a 3 bathroom house with a laundry room and a gourmet kitchen is no small task and they didn't even come close to finishing. But I grabbed some pictures (of course) of the progress.

The beginning of the day
Here are the men just getting started for the day. They have laid out all the pipes and are digging the trenches that the pipes will be laid in under the slab.

Just getting started

They spent most of the day digging trenches and using the shovel to get the foundation prepared for the pipes.

The end of the day progress
From this picture it is really hard to see all the progress they made. But this picture does show you how much more they still have to do!

Master bedroom side of the house
This is the master bedroom side of the house. You can see where the master bathroom plumbing is being laid.
Kids bedroom and bathroom side of the house

This is the side of the house (the left side) where the boys bedrooms and bathroom will be and Delaney's bedroom and bathroom will be.

Delaney's bathroom
The back right corner of the house, where Delaney's bathroom will be. You can just barely see the strings that the guys set up (kind of like a grid) to help them know where to lay the plumbing.

From the back of the house
And here is the view from the back of the house looking toward the front. As you can see they have dug up the foundation quite a bit and have been hard at work all day long. They are supposed to have the plumbing finished by the end of the week so that the slab can be poured on Friday!

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