Monday, July 27, 2015

The End of Week 4 (House Update)

We ended week 4 on a high note followed by a low note! But before we get into the lows let's focus on the highs and take a look back at where we started week 4.

The beginning of week 4
 I am always amazed when I look back at how we started the week and then see how we ended the week. It truly is unbelievable all that they accomplish!

The end of week 4
 Roof and walls and framing! Plumbing and electric started and our first "goodies" delivered. A great week for sure and certain.

Reading the roof for shingles
 On Saturday morning the roofers came to get the house ready for shingles (I have not idea when they will actually put those on).

Ready for shingles
 By mid afternoon the roof was ready for shingles and the plumbers were back and working. We did not see the electrician on Saturday, however he was there Friday night until after 7:00 in the evening!

Boys Bathtub installed
 The plumbers installed the boy's bathtub! And if you look closely you can see that they also put in the plumbing for the tub and the shower. They capped the toilet drain and ran the water line too. They were working hard!

Our low note of the week
Our house was vandalized sometime Saturday night. Someone took a can of the plumbers expanding spray foam and filled an outlet in the master bedroom with the foam and then attached the empty can to the wall. I cried and called our Sales Rep to tell him about it and also to ask him to go down and check the house for any other things because I was too afraid to look myself. He called me back a few hours later and told me that this was the only incident he saw but that he would notify our PM and have him look the house over on Monday just to make sure. I am praying that this is our only incident of this kind and that whoever did this got it all of out their system and will now leave our house alone!

Let's get back to focusing on the GOOD! The plumbers and electrician should be back this week and we are also hoping to the see the HVAC crew too. We were really praying that our Pre-drywall meeting would be this week but I don't think that is very likely (however I am e-mailing our PM today just to see if it would even be a possibility) so now we are praying that we can schedule it for next week (the first week of August).

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