Wednesday, July 29, 2015

We Have Windows! (Update on the House)

They were able to install the windows yesterday despite the fact that it rained all day! They did not get the front door installed (I'm not sure if they were supposed to do that or not). But I am very hopeful that because they got the windows installed we will be able to have our Pre-drywall meeting on Friday. I am texting our PM today to double check that.

The electricians, plumbers, HVAC, and window guys were at the house yesterday working hard. It is so awesome to walk down and see 3 or 4 trucks lined up on the road in front of the house. It just makes me smile!

I was so excited when I walked down yesterday and saw the windows going in! Things are really starting to come together! The windows on the left are the theater room windows and the windows on the right are in my office.

When I walked down to the house this afternoon (in between storms) I saw that they had delivered the shingles for the roof! Not sure when those will actually be put on the house but they are there and ready to go whenever the roofers arrive. And you can see the windows in the master bathroom have been installed too!

The end of the day
 I LOVE our house! I thank God every single day for this huge blessing in our lives!

The back windows and sliding glass door
I took this picture standing in the kitchen looking into the breakfast nook and the family room. Those are the windows and door that I love. Look at all that light coming in! Someday we are hoping to have just one huge piece of glass (picture window) and French doors but for now I am more than thrilled with the windows and slider. You can see the entrance to Delaney's suite of rooms on the left and one of the master bedroom windows on the right.

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