Friday, July 31, 2015

A Front Door and a Bathtub (A House Update)

This has been a slow week (seemingly) at the house. Lots of little things that have to be completed before dry-wall are going on and I'm afraid they just don't make for great pictures.

The electrician has finished up and we passed our electrical inspection!

The plumbers have finished up and we had our plumbing inspection yesterday (not sure if we passed that yet or not).

The HVAC guys have finished and we passed that inspection!

The framers have finished and we had our framing inspection yesterday also (again not sure if we passed or not).

Our low-voltage electric (cable, internet, security system) was completed and passed inspection.

We also had our termite inspection (which we passed) and then the framing was treated to prevent termites in the future!

The roofers still have not come (and I'm not happy about that) but I am hopeful they will come today and finish by Monday!

And the best news of all:


This is a HUGE answer to our prayers! We had our pre-construction meeting on July 1 and we started praying then that we would be able to have our pre-drywall meeting by the end of July. There have been many times that we just didn't think it was going to happen but it is! Thank the Lord! Jason (our PM) and all the work crews have really worked so hard and we are beyond thrilled!

Once we have completed our pre-drywall meeting they will begin insulating the house and hanging drywall. Our PM told me that could start as early as this afternoon!

And now for the pictures. 

Our Front Door
 It has not been painted yet but it has been installed. I think painting the front door is one of the last things that they do. I love my front door. I love the windows beside the door. I love my house!

Master garden tub
 They were finally able to install our garden tub in the master bathroom. I'm not sure exactly what the problem was but obviously it has been fixed.

Love the window above the tub
 I love this HUGE window that is above the garden tub. I have vision of candles and flowers decorating both the window and the tub. Of course the lovely construction trailer will be gone and replaced with a house so some sort of blinds or curtains will need to be added too!

The inside of the front door
And here is a picture of the front door from inside the house. I'm going to say it again (and probably not for the last time either) I LOVE MY HOUSE!

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