Thursday, July 9, 2015

The Plumbing is Done!

We have plumbing! Well, we have pipes and sewer lines and things like that! But one day we will have plumbing and that is very exciting!

The guys finished up sometime on Tuesday and their work is supposed to be inspected either Wednesday or Thursday. And then the slab will be poured on Friday so that it can cure over the weekend and they can start the cinder block walls on Monday!

Things are moving along so well, and we are so excited! Now that the pipes are in we can kind of start to tell where actual rooms are going to be. It's still difficult for me to "See" in my mind but it's getting easier.

We have pipes!
 By the end of Tuesday our plumbing was in the ground and we were ready for our first inspection.

Standing where the corner of the garage and the office will be
As you can see from this picture the pipes and plumbing that will be under the slab has been laid and the re-bar has been set around the perimeter of the house. Also the plastic tarp has been put down that will protect everything until the slab is poured.

Those are our pipes!

 This picture gives you an idea of where the things are going to be in the house. The tall white pipe and the smaller pipe next to it on the left are the two sinks in the master bathroom.

Standing at what will be the back porch
 The pipe in the middle (all by itself) is where my kitchen sink is going to be! I love my kitchen!

Delaney's Bathroom
Here is Delaney's bathroom, at the right back corner of the house. You can see the outline of her shower in the corner.


  1. So excited for you!

    1. Thank you so much. This has been an amazing experience for our family and I wake up every single day Thanking Jesus for the Blessing!