Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Our Port Jubilee (AKA Port Royal) Day 1

What a difference a day makes!

Or in the case of building a new home, What a difference an hour makes!

This is a picture of our land yesterday morning.

Nothing Going On! 

Now here is a picture of our land at around 9:00 in the morning.

Property Lines Marked
Can you see our flags?
They surveyed our property, marked our property lines and then staked out the footprint of our house!
I LOVE where they positioned our home! We have a shorter front yard but a HUGE backyard, which is perfect since our goal is to put in a beautiful pool with a great pool deck. And with the way they have positioned the house we will be able to have a pool with a deck on all sides plus still have some yard left over!

Just about an hour later....

Breaking Ground! 

I was so excited that I just happened to walk down to the land a few minutes after they had broken ground and that I was able to get a few pictures of our dream becoming a reality!
I think I scared the man in the Tomcat so I did my very best to stay away for a few hours.

I did sneak down at lunch time to see what was going on and here is what I saw

Lots of Dirt! 

Dump trucks ran up and down our street all afternoon carrying the dirt away.

Here is what the land looked like yesterday when Micah got home from work (around 6:00 p.m.)

Almost finished with the clearing!

They are almost done clearing the land (I think they should finish sometime today). You can see where the drive-way will be when the house is finished (it will be stone pavers, not crushed gravel).

Love the placement of the house

You get a much better idea from the above picture of how large our home is going to be. The two red flags in the front mark the corners of the house.

From the back of the house
This picture was taken from the back corner of the house and gives you an idea of how large the house is going to be.

We have our pre-construction meeting this morning (I made three different kinds of muffins- recipes coming soon) and so I should have another update tomorrow with more information and of course more pictures!

I cannot even begin to tell you the JOY that I felt yesterday when I walked down to the land and saw them working! This has been such a long road and full of long days and sleepless nights but it has also been a wonderful time of seeing the Hand of God in our lives. With everything that has happened in making this dream a reality there is no way that we could ever believe that this house was not a Gift from the Lord.

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