Thursday, July 2, 2015

Day 2 of Our Port Jubliee

We had our pre-construction meeting yesterday morning!

It was very exciting (but I didn't get any pictures, I have got to do better at taking pictures). We looked at the blueprints for the house and checked over all of our upgrades. We reviewed the choices we made at the design center and got to ask our Project Manager a ton of questions. Our PM (project manager) Jason also gave us a rough estimate of our building timeline for the next few weeks.

They are supposed to trench the property and secure it today so that on Monday the plumbers can come and get all the plumbing put in the ground. Then the slab will be poured on Friday (July 10). The slab will cure over the weekend and then on Monday July 13 they will start putting up the cinder block walls!

It usually takes 4 to 6 weeks to get the house to drywall stage. Once the house is at that stage we will have a pre-drywall meeting. Our PM told us that the goal is to have our house to drywall in 4 weeks! So that would mean that we would have our meeting around July 29!

Words cannot even begin to tell you how very excited we are! We are looking at a close date of around September 30 but we are praying for a much earlier date than that. There is no way we can move in one day and staying in our current rental will cost us money that we were not expecting to pay. Plus, closing on September 30 makes our first house payment due November 1 where as closing on October 1 makes our first payment due December 1. HUGE DIFFERENCE! However, I am not going to stress about that. God is in control and I trust him to work ALL things together for our GOOD!

They finished grading the land yesterday and I have to tell you that I LOVE IT! I love the placement of the house, I love the elevation of the house, and I love our land!

View of elevation
This picture gives you a much better view of the elevation. I am so glad that our house will sit up high on the land. LOVE IT!

Where the front door will be

This picture was taken from where the front door will be, that lower area is our porch. To the left is the living room (which we are turning into a home theater) and to the right is my office.

Back corner of the house

This is from the back corner of the house facing toward the front of the house. This picture lets you see the large footprint of the house.

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